Summer Activities for Kids

With summer here, what can you do with your kids to get them involved in more than the television? For kids who are attending 2000Days Daycare, they are still going to be on the same schedule in terms of what they are learning and doing. However, for parents who have older children or maybe they are keeping their kids home for the summer, you do not want to make these few months a time in which they do not learn or grow at all!

There are several activities that you can do at home, and if you were to look in your community, you are going to find that there are several programs that you can enroll your children into! We have come up with a few things that you can encourage your children to get involved in this summer that will not only keep them physically active, but this could also stimulate their desire to learn!

A Few Ideas for this Summer

Consider having your kids play ball over the summer. There are numerous programs that are found throughout the community that kids are going to love! This is going to teach these kids teamwork, keep them physically active and give them a chance to make new friends.

Why not turn your home into a science laboratory for the day? Let your kids mix food coloring into water and create new colors. While kids may enjoy making a mess, they are learning something in the process!

Get to be one with nature, take hikes and walks a few times per week through your local park. Kids are going to love getting out and this also gives them exercise!

Safety Tips to Remember

Since you may be outdoors during the summer quite a bit, also consider a few safety tips to ensure that everyone is always safe!

    Always have on sunscreen and ensure that kids keep sunscreen on them as they play outside.

    Ensure that everyone drinks plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

    Encourage kids to wear sunglasses and hats to protect their eyes and head from the sun.

    Consider insect repellent if you are having a hard time with these critters bothering you while outdoors.

This summer is not a time to let kids simply be lazy around the house. Instead, encourage them to be physically and mentally active!

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